What We Do

Bohemian Foundation is an organization that embodies the values of its founder and her family legacy. We work hard in the conviction that our best efforts will make a difference; we lead by example and enjoy our collaborations in our continuing commitment to create a proactive community, which sets a standard for others to follow.


  • We actively participate in collaborative community discussions and initiatives and make grants through our responsive grantmaking program, providing the opportunity for our community’s organizations to meet the needs they see.
  • We embrace music as a powerful force in both the vibrancy of our community and the individual lives of our citizens. We play an active role in providing opportunities for music expression, inspiration and participation.
  • We recognize our world is bigger than our immediate surrounding geographic area. We actively foster and support the innovation and solutions developed and nurtured within our own community to some of our world’s issues: the environment, poverty, public health and natural disasters.