Exploring our assumptions about poverty

In 2011, Bohemian Foundation began bringing Bridges Out of Poverty training sessions to Northern Colorado.

Bridges Out of Poverty is a training model that focuses on providing participants with information about intergenerational poverty, community collaboration, and ways organizations (businesses, nonprofits, schools, and government) can better assist children, adults, and families experiencing poverty.

From caseworkers to business managers, nonprofit executives to teachers, government workers to university employees, nonprofit board members to community volunteers, more than 1,000 community members have participated in the free training in Northern Colorado.

Participants gain a better understanding of poverty in our community, rethink common assumptions, and explore avenues for change.

Bridges training starts with introspection — asking each of us to identify the paradigms and mental models that drive our daily decisions, thoughts, and actions. Were we raised in middle class households or in households experiencing generational poverty? Did we experience a world tailored to us given our race, class, gender, or abilities, or were we continually adapting to environments we found hard to understand? Bridges training teaches us that these experiences matter, often informing the very assumptions that may interfere with our effectiveness as we seek to lend a helping hand.

There are currently no training opportunities scheduled.

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