Pharos Fund FAQ

Additional questions should be directed to Grants Administrators Tana Atwood or Kim Lehman, or by calling 970.221.2636.


What is the Pharos Fund?

Pharos Fund is one of the Bohemian Foundation's responsive Grant-making programs. Consideration is given to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (private foundations excluded) providing services within the Poudre School District boundary area. The Pharos Fund has two goal areas: A) To encourage and enable our youth to become productive members of society; and B) To be a catalyst for public awareness. Grants up to $30,000 are available for program support, general operating support, technical assistance, and equipment/capital support. Applications are accepted two times per year.

How many times per year may I apply?

The Pharos Fund has two grant cycles per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. You may submit one request per cycle. You may not request funding for the same project within a single calendar year. General Operating Support funds may only be requested once per calendar year.

What is your geographic funding area?

The Pharos Fund serves the Fort Collins area. The Fort Collins area is defined by the Poudre School District boundary. Agencies need not be headquartered in Fort Collins to receive funding. The programs themselves, however, must serve clients within the Fort Collins area or have a direct impact on the Fort Collins community to be considered for funding.

My Organization is not based in Fort Collins. Will you fund the project?

As long as your project serves clients or has a direct impact within the Fort Collins area your application will be considered. For instance, we have funded national organizations that have proposed Fort Collins specific projects.

My Organization is a church. Will you fund the project?

Bohemian Foundation does not fund activities with a specific religious purpose. However, if your church has a charitable project which does not have a specific religious purpose, it may be eligible for consideration for funding.

My 501(c)(3) status is pending. Can i still apply?

Bohemian Foundation can only award grant funding to designated 501(c)(3) agencies. If your 501(c)(3) status is pending, but you expect to receive notification from the IRS within 30 days of the application deadline, please contact our Grants Administrators by emailing Tana Atwood or Kim Lehman, or by calling 970-221-2636 before applying.

What does Bohemian Foundation consider appropriate as a General Operating Support request?

General Operating Support provides for the day-to-day expense of running the nonprofit organization. General Operating Support may include, but is not limited to ongoing overhead expenses such as administrative salaries, utilities, office supplies, and technology maintenance. We consider the portions of administration and overhead costs directly related to direct program delivery as direct program costs and they should be included in your project request rather than in a General Operating Support request.

What if our project/organization requires more than the Pharos Fund allowable request amount of $30,000?

Organizations can apply to the Pharos Fund up to two times per year - therefore, the maximum Pharos funding an organization can receive in a calendar year is $60,000. However, applicants may not submit the same request two times in a single calendar year. The Foundation will not consider any request in excess of the $30,000 maximum grant amount and will not consider any request out of cycle. To see if the Pharos Fund grant cycle is open please visit Bohemian's Online Grants Application Portal

What are your final report requirements?

Please complete the Colorado Common Grant Report Form within 60 days after the first to occur: your completion of the use of the grant funds or the end of the Grant Term. Please email completed final reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See Pharos Fund - Online Application FAQs for interim report requirements.

I was awarded Bohemian Foundation funding. Can you approve the text of my press release and/or send me your logo for our press release/website/brochure/sign?

Yes. While we encourage you to publicize your organization or project Bohemian Foundation assisted in funding, please note in the grant agreement that you are required to obtain approval from Bohemian Foundation prior to the printing or distribution of any publicity materials that reference the foundation, including but not limited to: press releases, advertisements, signage, and event collateral. For all logo requests please include the size and file format needed. Please allow 10 days for Foundation staff to review and approve any proposed publicity. Please send all publicity and logo approval requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note, no changes to Bohemian Foundation logo are allowed without prior written approval.

I am from PSD/CSU and plan on submitting an application. Some of my colleagues are also applying. Is there a restriction on the number of applications you will accept from the district/university?

For PSD, each school or department may submit one application during each grant cycle. Coordinate all requests both onsite (to ensure only one application is originating from each school) and with Stacy Poncelow, the District Grants Coordinator. A department request may provide for services at multiple school sites. In this case, the individual school site is not precluded from applying.

For CSU, each department may submit one application during each grant cycle. Coordinate all requests both departmentally (to ensure only one application is originating from each department) and with Peter Hartman, Director of Foundation Relations.

Bohemian supported district-wide or university-wide initiatives do not preclude applications from individual schools/departments within the district/university.

Why was my project not funded? Is there anything i can do to make my application better?

We appreciate your desire for input, however, Bohemian Foundation does not provide direct feedback to grantees regarding their applications. We want organizations to write requests based on their needs and not tailor them to our feedback. It is in your best interest to thoroughly read the website and goals. Goal fit is the most important factor for consideration. Each grant cycle is highly competitive and less than 50 percent of requests receive funding of any amount.

I need some pointers. Can you meet with me to discuss our goal fit?

While we appreciate your desire to write the best possible grant application, we do not provide direct feedback or guidance for the reasons stated above. However, our Grants Administrators are available the first Friday morning of every month for appointments to review our Pharos Fund goal areas, guidelines, and criteria. Please contact our Grants Administrators by emailing Tana Atwood or Kim Lehman, or by calling 970-221-2636 to schedule an appointment.

Can I apply to both the Pharos Fund and the Event Fund for the same request?

No. The Event Fund is intended to fund only fundraising or single or multi-day community events while the Pharos Fund supports longer-term and on-going projects. Thus, if your program is on-going it would not be an appropriate submission under the Event Fund. If it falls under one of the two Pharos Fund goal areas, we would welcome a Pharos Fund application.

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