Online Tips and Techniques

Please review the Online Grant Application Tips and Techniques below designed to provide brief instructions to assist you in completing the online application

  • Error Message – An error message will appear in red, below each question, if you enter information incorrectly or if you exceed the word count. Note: an error message will not appear until you click out of the question you have completed. Error messages will be listed in Missing Items (see below) at the end of the application.

  • Missing Items - If your application is missing items or there are errors within the answers you provided, such issues will be listed at the end of the application. You will need to complete or edit the fields, or attach the required documents before you can submit this application. (These items are listed as “missing” because they are required for the type of application you are submitting.)

  • Required Attachments – You can upload your documents at the end of the application. Please follow these steps: 1) click the specific upload field that you want 2) click “Add Files” 3) choose/open file from your computer 4) click “Start Upload” 5) You will see a dialogue box that says “upload complete” 6) click “Done.”   Important note: your uploaded files will not appear  on your screen until you save your application. You can either save your application after each upload or after you upload all of your documents to make sure that you can move on to the next section. For a complete list of required attachments please visit the “What documents do I need to upload for my application to be complete?” FAQ.

  • Manage Colleagues - You may invite one or more colleagues to work with you and have access to your organization’s online grant application portal OR just the current application. Please note that by clicking manage colleagues under My Organizations will send an invitation that will give the person full access to edit your organization’s information and ONLY create NEW grant applications for the organization. To invite a colleague to collaborate on an application you have already started, you must click “Manage Colleagues” under My Requests.
    Once you have identified which type(s) of access you want to give your colleague, please follow these steps: click Manage Colleagues. A pop-up box will appear asking for your colleague’s email address. The email address you enter here will serve two purposes. First, an invitation will automatically go to the address, with a reply link that will take your colleague to the same page where you created your profile. Second, your colleague must use this same email address (that you sent the link) to create a profile, so that the system can match them. Click Invite and Close to have the invitation sent.

  • Electronic Signatures – Bohemian Foundation requires that the application contents be reviewed and approved by the Board Chair and the Executive Director. To facilitate this you will need to add both parties as colleagues through the My Request - Manage Colleagues option as explained above. Once they have gained access to the application, the Board Chair and the Executive Director are required to enter their respective names and email in the Electronic Signature fields certifying that the application and its attachments have been reviewed and approved by each. (For Poudre School District requests, we require the approval of the grant originator and the Superintendent, Department Head, or School Principal as appropriate.) We also allow you to enter names and email addresses on their behalf given the following: 1) both signing parties will receive an email notification certifying the receipt of application once submitted. 2) The email will contain a copy of the application which should be reviewed.

  • Text Boxes and Word Count - The size of the text box under each application question is representative of the word count limit. Additionally, if your text box has a red yellow background it means you have added new content since you last saved the application. (You need to save your application for new information to be saved) Text Size - To increase the size of the application for viewing preference, click CTRL + to zoom in on a PC and click CMD + to zoom in using a MAC. To zoom out click CTRL - on a PC and CMD - on a MAC.  

We invite you to view the Pharos Fund-Online Application FAQs or for general questions related to the Pharos Fund, please view the Pharos Fund General FAQs. If you still need assistance, please contact our Grants Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 970-221-2636.