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Bohemian Fund - Bohemian Foundation

Eligibility & Exclusions


Through Bohemian Fund, Bohemian Foundation accepts applications from eligible 501(c)(3) organizations and government units working within the Poudre School District boundary.

Applicants may request up to $30,000 per application within one of three categories:

  • General operating support
  • Program support (programs typically operate each year; they are not one-time efforts)
  • Project support (projects are typically designed as one-time only)

We encourage governmental unit applicants to contact us to discuss eligibility details.


We invite organizations to review Bohemian Fund’s exclusions before applying. Below are activities that will not be considered for funding.

General Exclusions

  1. Services impacting individuals and communities outside of the Poudre School District boundary.
  2. Music, arts and cultural activities that are not considered popular.
  3. Services provided solely to individuals in a one-on-one setting (e.g., private lessons or mental health therapy).
  4. Subsidies for childcare, respite care or adult day care.
  5. General support for organizations where the sole service provision is childcare, respite care or adult day care.
  6. Requests under the youth goal for support for youth that are formally engaged in post-secondary education. Youth are defined as pre-natal through age 24 if not formally enrolled in post-secondary education.
  7. Single-day events (see Community Event Fund or Music Event Fund).
  8. Medical supplies, equipment and medical devices.
  9. Support for individuals or teams to attend tournaments or competitions (e.g., athletic tournaments, academic competitions or band trips).
  10. Activities that support a specific religious purpose.
  11. Awards to individuals.
  12. Discriminatory programs.
  13. Political campaigns or legislative advocacy.

Organization Type Exclusions

  1. Non-501(c)(3) organizations (except eligible governmental units serving a charitable purpose).
  2. Programs and projects of a governmental entity that do not further a charitable purpose.
  3. Fiscally sponsored programs.
  4. Faith-based organizations requiring faith-based programming participation.
  5. Private schools.
  6. Private foundations.
  7. Type III non-functionally integrated supporting organizations.

Funding Type Exclusions

  1. Multi-year requests.
  2. Capital campaigns.
  3. Endowment funding.
  4. Debt reduction.
  5. Fundraising campaigns.
  6. Requests that supplant public (government) funding.