Give 10 - Bohemian Foundation

Eligibility Requirements

Give 10 supports two networks of local philanthropists – Emerging Leaders and Partners. Emerging Leaders are committed to growing their local giving, while Partners have been giving locally at high levels consistently. Give 10 offers engagement, learning, and connection opportunities and aims to support and inspire local philanthropists so that they set and achieve a generous local giving goal of at least $10,000 annually.

Is your annual giving to nonprofits moving toward $5,000 or currently at approximately $5,000? Do you wish to grow your giving?

If you’re an individual, family or business committed to growing your local giving, consider joining Give 10’s Emerging Leaders. In the first year, Emerging Leaders give a total of $5,000 to Larimer County nonprofits of their choice; in the second year, they give $7,500; and in the third year, they give $10,000. Once Emerging Leaders meet this three-year challenge, their giving is recognized with a one-time matching gift of $10,000 from Bohemian Foundation. Emerging Leaders may direct the matching gift to one or two Larimer County nonprofits of their choice.

Beginning with $5,000, three years of giving becomes $32,500 to Larimer County nonprofits. After completion of the three-year giving challenge, Emerging Leaders become Give 10 Partners in recognition of reaching their $10,000 giving milestone. Emerging Leaders aspire to continue to give $10,000 or more each year as new Partners.

Are you currently giving $10,000 or more annually in the local community?

If you’re currently giving at least $10,000 annually to Larimer County nonprofits, we invite you to join us as a Give 10 Partner. Give 10 Partners are ambassadors for giving and inspire others to give locally. Though Give 10 Partners are not eligible to receive the $10,000 matching gift from Bohemian Foundation, they are supported with information, resources, education and connections. Give 10 Partners enjoy gatherings with like-minded philanthropists and opportunities to mentor others through their giving journeys. Those who are interested can have a more in-depth experience by being a Giving Mentor to an Emerging Leader.

While all giving is encouraged and valued, some donations are not eligible as part of Give 10’s annual giving commitment, including:

  • In-kind donations
  • Ticket and auction item purchases
  • Event-related sponsorships and underwriting
  • Contribution of goods and services
  • Contributions to tuition-based private schools
  • Political campaigns
  • Private foundation giving
  • Gifts made to the general fund of churches or houses of worship