Click here to learn about Bohemian Foundation’s COVID-19 response. Initiatives include the NoCo Music Relief Fund and the Feeding Our Community program. Muse, Community Event Fund, Music Event Fund and Pharos Fund continue to operate.


Embracing Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, and Spirit

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bohemian Foundation is a private family foundation that supports local, national, and global efforts to build strong communities.

Founded in 2001 by philanthropist Pat Stryker, Bohemian Foundation takes its name and inspiration from the bohemian movement of 19th century Europe.

We believe that by working together, we can build stronger communities.

Our four program areas are Community, Music, Global, and Civic. In each of these areas, we work to empower citizens and impact communities through our grantmaking, Foundation-directed programs, and events. Pat Stryker, Joe Zimlich, and Cheryl Zimlich serve as our board of directors.

Pat Stryker
Pat Stryker
Joe Zimlich
Joe Zimlich
Cheryl Zimlich
Cheryl Zimlich

Addressing Community Needs

The safety, health and well-being of our communities are paramount for Bohemian Foundation.

We recognize that in the days, weeks and months ahead our community will be faced with challenges and needs we likely never imagined. In the short-term, the Foundation’s top priority is identifying gaps and providing assistance in areas such as food, housing and health. In the longer-term, the Foundation is looking at best ways to contribute to systems approaches that assist in these safety net areas.

NoCo Music Relief Fund

NoCo Music Relief Fund provides assistance for individuals in the Northern Colorado Music Community who are severely financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Feeding Our Community

Feeding Our Community is a meal program that provides free meals to households at risk of food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Larimer County Small Business Loan Fund

The Larimer County Small Business Loan Fund is to provide capital to small businesses or nonprofit social enterprises or co-ops with earned revenue streams, with generally less than 20 employees that cannot obtain financing through traditional sources, but who are capable of sustaining a business and replaying debt, and who are disadvantaged for a variety of reasons. The fund is maintained and deployed by Colorado Enterprise Fund.

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Below are some of the COVID-19 response efforts the Foundation is supporting:

  • Northern Colorado COVID Response Fund
  • Colorado COVID Relief Fund
  • COVID-19 response strategies at the Aztlan Center
  • Grants to nonprofits for emergency rental assistance, including grants to the Matthews House and Neighbor 2 Neighbor
  • National Jewish Health High Throughput Diagnostic Testing and Telemedicine Monitoring
  • New Belgium Bar & Restaurant Relief Fund
  • Colorado Restaurant Response (CRR)

Bohemian Foundation staff are also participating in local, state and federal networks, and are sharing information and expertise with those networks.

As this crisis continues to evolve, we are working to ensure strong communications across sectors, and we are advocating for the nonprofit sector and the most vulnerable in our community.

Bohemian Foundation’s responsive grantmaking programs continue to operate.

The Community Event Fund, Music Event Fund and Muse are all currently open for applications.

We are grateful for the tireless devotion of the countless nonprofit leaders, staff and volunteers who are navigating the unknown and beyond.

We will continue to listen, learn and adapt. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to share your perspectives, insight and expertise. Together, we’ll navigate how to best leverage our individual and collective capacities.

Feeding Our Community is a meal program that provides free meals to households at risk of food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Feeding Our Community program provides free meals to people who are in need due to job losses, mandatory shutdowns, school closures, lack of childcare and health risks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feeding Our Community also supports restaurants by allowing restaurant employees to continue to work during a time when the restaurant community has been hard hit.

In the first phase of the program, Moot House provided meals prepared by their staff. The program expanded to include meals from DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, RARE Italian Restaurant, CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery, Rainbow Restaurant, and Little On Mountain. Bohemian Foundation is an initial funding partner, providing funds to purchase food, pay restaurant employee wages and cover delivery expenses. Meal delivery is provided by Odell Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing Company and the Downtown Development Authority. Community partners, including CARE Housing, Housing Catalyst, Neighbor to Neighbor, DMA Plaza, The Matthews House, Crossroads Safehouse, Mi Voz Community Leaders, Genesis Project and GP Neighbors, CASA of Larimer County, and community leaders in the Cloverleaf, Timber Ridge, and Harmony Village mobile home communities volunteer their time and ensure meals are distributed to individuals in need.

Feeding Our Community is just one local food insecurity strategy. Thousands of local residents are supported during the COVID-19 pandemic through the great work of the Food Bank for Larimer County, Colorado Early Colleges, Foothills Unitarian Church, Family Medicine Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels for Fort Collins, Volunteers of America in Northern Colorado, Poudre School District, Serve 6.8, Vindeket Foods, Salvation Army, Mill City Church and many other individuals and organizations. To learn more about their efforts and how to access food through these partners, please visit the community resource hub managed by the United Way of Larimer County.

Other restaurants and community partners interested in participating in this program may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are feeding our community together. Join us in supporting this program.

Bohemian Operating Foundation is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization, Tax ID #20-4560501. No goods or services will be exchanged for your donation.

Funding Positive Pathways For Change

Bohemian Foundation’s Community Programs is committed to the care and enrichment of our local community. We passionately believe that by working together, we can build a stronger Larimer County.

Community Programs goals are to:

  • Encourage and enable youth to thrive.
  • Empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability.
  • Strengthen our vibrant community.

We believe that there’s a positive pathway for change if we can:

  • Facilitate meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Offer engaging opportunities to learn.
  • Help build the skills required to navigate through challenges.
  • Provide the inspiration and tools that enable everyone to contribute their time, talent, and treasure.

Community Programs’ activities include responsive grantmaking through Pharos Fund and the Community Event Fund. Our responsive grantmaking programs offer nonprofits opportunities to submit funding requests through an application process.

We also fund special initiatives, which are Foundation-directed grants, programs, or events that target specific Community Programs goals. We look for opportunities to meet a community need, address an important gap, or leverage resources. Through special initiatives we cultivate programs and collaborate with organizations whose efforts are aligned with our goals. Unsolicited proposals for special initiatives are not accepted by Community Programs.

Building Community Through Music

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community. An effective way to build community connections is by coming together to create and enjoy music.

Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs builds connections by providing music-related resources for enjoyment, personal expression, and the development and improvement of music-related talent.

Music Programs manages programs and funds organizations that are aligned with our three goals:

  • To provide youth with encouragement and opportunities to express themselves through music.
  • To increase performances of live contemporary music.
  • To help musicians and music-related businesses grow and develop.

Music Event Fund and Muse are our responsive grantmaking programs offering nonprofits opportunities to submit funding requests through selective application processes.

Music Programs also funds special initiatives, which are Foundation-directed grants, programs, or events. Through special initiatives we cultivate programs and collaborate with organizations whose efforts are aligned with Music Programs goals. Unsolicited proposals for special initiatives are not accepted by Music Programs.

Learn About Music Programs in our Report to Community

Funding Innovative Work Around The World

Bohemian Foundation’s Global Programs supports organizations that address some of our most serious global challenges in health, poverty, and the environment.

Global Programs funds organizations and entrepreneurs around the world that are dedicated to making a significant impact and are on the path to a sustainable and scalable business model.

Our target areas for grants are:

  • Public Health: Public health programs and technologies that promote access to health services and systems.
  • Poverty Alleviation: Programs and technologies that help people increase their incomes. Examples include programs that promote better agricultural practices, training that increases skills, and organizations that facilitate entrepreneurship.
  • Environment: Programs that address public health and/or economic stability while employing technologies that encourage clean and sustainable energy practices, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more sustainable livelihoods.

We believe organizations that work at the intersection of poverty alleviation, public health, and the environment can provide some of the most impactful and promising solutions.

In addition to funding organizations that work on the ground to directly address these focus areas, we also work with organizations that help to educate, mentor, and fund the next generation of entrepreneurs interested in making a positive difference globally.

Bohemian Foundation collaborates with like-minded foundations and philanthropists to identify and support grantees that have the potential to achieve significant impact. This network includes Big Bang Philanthropy and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

Bohemian Foundation's Global Programs does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Current Grantees

Bohemian Foundation’s Global Programs grantees implement innovative work around the world. Please visit their websites to learn more or to join us in supporting their work.

Supporting Democracy

Bohemian Foundation’s Civic Programs is designed to strengthen democracy in America by supporting organizations that work to create greater economic opportunities for all, to promote political inclusiveness and robust citizen participation, to assure government accountability and to ensure an independent and fair judiciary.

In the words of Aristotle, “If liberty and equality……are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost.”

Specific Goal Areas and Examples of Potential Areas of Interest within the Goals:

Restoring, protecting and enhancing economic opportunity for all

  • Close the income and wealth gaps among all economic groups
  • Develop a skilled workforce
  • Promote a living wage for lowest income workers
  • Make college affordable for all
  • Expand early childhood education and childcare
  • Prioritize investment in American manufacturing and production
  • Support comprehensive, integrated policy reform focused on jobs, healthcare, reduced debt and retirement security

Promoting the political voice and civic engagement of all Americans

  • Open access to the ballot box
  • Enact immigration reform
  • Protect voting rights
  • Achieve campaign finance reform
  • Assure open and fair elections
  • Promote fairness in the media
  • Create and communicate concise, clear and compelling shared values

Ensuring excellence, integrity and accountability in government

  • Assure an independent, depoliticized and fair judiciary
  • Reduce the influence of money in politics
  • Bring greater balance to the political influences of individuals and corporations
  • Create an ethical, transparent and accountable government

Bohemian Foundation's Civic Programs does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Current grantees:

Bohemian Foundation In The News

Bohemian Foundation's Communications Department is ready to assist members of the media, as well as grantees interested in publicizing their awards.

We Welcome Your Interest In Career Opportunities

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bohemian Foundation works to empower citizens and impact communities through its grantmaking programs and special initiatives.

The Foundation is home to a collegial team of professionals who are passionate about making a difference. Bohemian Foundation is an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Employment Opportunities at Washington’s Music Venue

Employment Opportunities at Bohemian Nights

More information is available for members of the media and grantees.

Please note: if you are a grantee and will be using Bohemian Foundation’s logo and/or name, please send all publicity materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least three days prior to your publication deadline for our approval.