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Bohemian Fund - Bohemian Foundation

Bohemian Fund Goals

Bohemian Fund supports three goal areas:

  • Ensuring all youth thrive.
  • Promoting economic stability and mobility.
  • Cultivating a vibrant, engaged, connected and resilient community.

The fund also supports organizations that value diversity and inclusion, foster belonging and strive to advance equity. Applications need to be aligned with one of the fund’s three goals and demonstrate how their impact advances equitable outcomes.

We invite organizations to learn more about each of the Bohemian Fund goals before applying.

Ensure All Youth Thrive

  • Equitable opportunities and outcomes for all youth are vital to community-wide well-being and are our shared responsibility.
  • Youth voice is central and taken seriously. Youth are known, seen, heard, valued and belong.
  • Youth have strong, positive relationships they can count on.
  • Youth experience educational and life success in an inspiring, supportive and creative manner centered around their specific needs.
  • Systems and structures are examined, challenged and redesigned to support youth success. Youth lead change efforts in their community.

Bohemian Fund defines youth as ages pre-natal through age 24, or until youth are formally enrolled in a post-secondary experience.

Promote Economic Stability and Mobility

  • Race, gender and income are no longer barriers to mobility and stability.
  • Individuals and families belong, can care for themselves and their loved ones, live a purpose-driven life, and are treated with respect and appreciation.
  • Everyone can access what they need to live a healthy, safe life, including food and shelter.
  • Individuals and families are recognized and valued for knowing what is needed to create real opportunity and relevant support.
  • Educational and training experiences bolster career pathways.
  • Systems and structures are examined, challenged and redesigned to ensure that economic mobility is possible.

Cultivate a Vibrant, Engaged, Connected and Resilient Community

  • All community members are aware, learning and taking action to examine, challenge and re-design systems and structures of power that create inequalities and prevent all members from fully participating in community. Barriers to full participation in the community are understood, and strategies for navigating challenges are informed by what worked elsewhere and has been previously proven.
  • Strong connections exist as all individuals bring their diverse cultures, experiences and perspectives.
  • All community members have a strong sense of place and belonging.
  • Welcoming and engaging public places, spaces, expressions and events bring communities together to celebrate and deepen our connections across all cultures.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to articulate, manifest and share what is great and challenging about the community.
  • Community members actively and intentionally use their platforms to share their full selves, experiences, talents and stories for the betterment of the community.
  • The community builds capacity to navigate through challenges and plan for the future.