Community Programs



Community Programs

Bohemian Foundation sees our purpose as involving our fellow citizens in the care and improvement of our community. We seek to educate and inspire our citizens into action on community issues.

We look to fund organizations that can articulate issues requiring greater public awareness. We are committed to encouraging and enabling our youth access to the resources that will help them grow and thrive as productive members of our community. We fund agencies that provide programs supporting youth development in: education and learning, creating self-esteem and dignity, and encouraging learning to appreciate the world around them.

We are strategic in our program areas, researching needs, and possible approaches to solutions. We focus on specific programs and partner with existing organizations or initiate our own projects. We continually strive to improve our capabilities, knowledge and processes.

We believe by working together and building our networks, we are more effective in helping to solve our community’s problems.

Community Programs Highlights 

Learn more about Larimer County's efforts to affect change.

Browse our Report to the Community that profiles local efforts to put into practice three national poverty alleviation models: Bridges out of Poverty, Circles Larimer County and the Workplace Navigator Pilot Program.
To request a hard copy of the Report to the Community or learn about upcoming Bridges out of Poverty training dates, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.